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Quality mark in accordance with the 2023 Edition of the QUALICOAT Directives

Licence N.º: 819

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We fulfil the requirements of the Qualisteelcoat Directives for the corrosivity and durability categories for powder coating systems.

Licence N.º: E-800

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LNEC certificate for the process of hollowing out thermally improved aluminium frame profiles.

Report LNEC N.º: 35/2022

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Manufacturing of quality Thermal Bridge Break (RPT) aluminum profiles which are assessed in accordance with the NF EN 14024 standard and the QB 49 certification reference system.

Verification of the durability of the certified sections is based on aging under overhanging load of 1 million cycles combining cycles of temperature and mechanical stress.

The certificate in force can be consulted on the website to check its validity.

Certification: QB 49

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